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Every session I offer is unique and tailored to your family.

This is done through a questionnaire and a pre-session consultation.  Once you have booked your session, we will schedule your pre-session consultation.  This will be your chance to ask questions, and will give me a chance to get know you and your family. I recommend we meet in person, but I realize this may not be possible so we can also chat over the phone.

As you prepare for your session, refer to my What to Wear link on this website.  I love talking fashion, so do not hesitate to call me with questions or text me pictures of possible outfits!  Once you have your outfits chosen, you are golden…now your only job is to show up at the session!

Plan on your session being one and half to two hours long.  Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

Bring any special loveys (blankets, animals, books, etc.).  These are great to include in the photos, and having something familiar will provide your child a since of safety and security during the session.

Please keep your iPhone tucked away during our time together.

Be patient.  Your kids may not be in the mood for pictures, they may lose focus, they may not give those perfect smiles.  It is OKAY…I promise.  I will still capture your child as they are through the session.  Be patient, be happy, and your positive attitude will be reflected in them. I know that photo sessions can be stressful….but I want you to HAVE FUN! This is a special time for you and your family. We are creating memories and an experience during our time together.  I want it to be memorable.  In a good way!  :)

Know that I may take your child aside and photograph them alone, just the two of us.  We will not go far, but sometimes they do so much better without the distraction of other family members.  I will be able to pull out a variety of natural expressions if I am one on one with them.

Bring a snack and a water bottle for the kids.  Even if you have fed them beforehand, they may get hungry or thirsty during the session.  Kids always respond well to goldfish! We will take a break to allow them to refuel if needed.  Snacks should be dry, non-messy and non-sticky.

Please use a different way to get your kids to smile besides “CHEESE”.  Saying cheese tends to turn up their mouths and cheeks in an unnatural way.  Think of something that you will know will make them laugh, like a family joke or telling a silly story.  I will be asking you to stand directly behind me (practically on top of me, actually!) if you are there helping to get a fun expression out of them.  That way they will be looking at the direction of the camera, instead of over to the side.

That about covers it!  After your session, I will go over all the images and pick 20-30 that I feel are the loveliest. I will then hand-edit each individual photograph to ensure it is the very best that it can be.  I will upload your gallery, share it with you and you will then order prints, products, and/or digital images through me, during a screening of your images at my studio, or in the comfort of your own home.  Please see my pricing sheet for further details.

Use the connect link to email me with any additional questions.  I am always here for you.